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ok.  its been a long time between updates.  life is busy.  i have figured out the algae problem.  it was my magnesium level.  once i brought the magnesium up and the calc and alk levels, the algae went away and the tank looks great today.  i will include some pics later on the week or next maybe.

green hair algae

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ok.  i am completely and utterly fed up with green hair algae.  i have upgraded my lights from 12 year old vho bulbs to 6 month old t5's.  i have added a magnum 350 canister filter and scrubbed and changed the floss in it for the last 6 weeks.  i have also run ammo-carb with phosban media in the canister filter for 5 weeks hoping that it was phosphates doing this to my tank.  the canister filter has sucked up and killed 2-4 fish, i cant even remember because i started to drink when it happened.  i need to try a cleaner crew yet which i am hopeful will work.  but i was hopeful that the rest of the things that i tried would work too.  the last ditch effort will be to put in a sea hare.  i have heard they will eat green hair algae but then they have to be moved because thats all they eat.  maybe i can train it to eat nori sheets.  i dont know.  out of options are ready to hit the front glass of the tank with a hammer.


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