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this is really cool.  i recently got this new project from one of my co-workers called speed meeting.  he was writing for a friend and happened to be getting some money for it.  so i said i would help him write it for 50%.  turns out we are almost finished.  the cool thing is that i got this idea to get a shopping cart for the site and start selling this app.  it is the first prototype at a cart so we'll see what happens.

new links

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its been a while since our last update.  life has been busy with baseball being over and now football.  its a season of spring cleaning before the snow hits and i want to get all the links in before too long.  its about the end of a big project at work and we will start getting back to visiting the website on a regular basis.




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we had a computer crash on friday so we will be reloading that probably most of this week.  we will get back to posting later this week.

tech links finished

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we have now finished our tech links section.  we continue to hunt for the best links for gadgets and tech news so visit back soon for more good stuff in this area.

new sections

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we have added some new sections today.  the site is growing every day.  it is so exciting to see something come together for us after such a long time out of the main stream.
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